Cooking: Recipe reviews

My new year's resolution was to cook more as both a health-conscious and money-saving measure. As a result, I'm aggregating all the recipes I've tried, as well as what I thought about about each one (and pictures, if I took them).

Name Rating Comments Modifications Recipe Link
Pad Krapow Gai (Spicy Thai Basil Chicken) 8/10 Nice and spicy. Lots of flavor. Slightly overcooked the veggies, but they still tasted great. I didn't have soy sauce or oyster sauce, so I added Sunny's Korean Teriyaki Sauce and extra fish sauce instead. Also added some Sambal Oelek for extra spice as I couldn't find Thai chilis at Kroger. Recipe
Pork Fried Rice 7/10 Good. Pork was flavorful and not too overcooked. Peas were a little overdone. Korean Teriyaki sauce went great in this recipe. Peas were almost burned but still somehow tasted really good? Didn't have soy sauce or fresh ginger, so I went with Korean Teriyaki and a bit less Sambal Oelek than yesterday and it worked here as well. Also didn't have broccoli Recipe
One Pan Orecchiette Pasta 2/10 Really not great, and about half that was my fault. The pan I used was too small, which resulted in uneven pasta cooking, but pretty much all the flavor in the sauce is from low-sodium chicken broth, which is both too thin and too watery for a proper pasta sauce. Didn't have arugala or orecchiette (I used regular bowties instead), both of which which might help somewhat, but I wonder if the dish really gets much better than this. Recipe
Golden Curry 7/10 This one isn't technically fully cooking, as I did use a spice mix(this one, to be specific), but it still involved enough cooking that I felt it counted. I chopped all ingredients, before crisping the vegetables and browning the chicken. I then followed the instructions on the curry pack (properly add 2 and a quarter cups of water and the sauce packet and stir until curry is properly mixed) I made this with carrots, an onion, chicken thighs, and a potato. Recipe
Long Day's Breakfast 6/10 This one isn't really cooking either, as it was just scrambled eggs with some fillings, but making food from scratch is making food from scratch, and so it counts. This version of an egg scramble contained 3 eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, grilled onions (white and green), grilled mushrooms, and spicy Italian sausage. Recipe: Add everything but eggs to pan over medium heat, and sautee until cooked through. Add eggs to pan and scramble.
Honey Garlic Chicken 8/10 Sweet, but not too Sweet. Nice hint of garlic. Good with a crunchy vegetable like green beans or onions. Nice and crispy exterior too, without having to resort to frying the chicken. Would definitely recommend getting the Panko breadcrumbs they use here. I didn't, and while the chicken tasted great, the breadcrumbs didn't brown evenly, which made it look a little odd. Also, it requires a LOT of honey, so for the second time I made this I halved the honey to see what would happen. It's definitely better with the full amount. Recipe
Oven Baked Chicken Breast 8/10 One of my new go-tos. Extremely easy to do, and doesn't require a ton of chopping or marinading or stewing. You'd think the brown sugar would make the chicken super sweet, but the paprika and black pepper make sure it isn't too much. It also makes the chicken juicier, and it has a wonderful crust when you take it out of the oven. I used oregano and it worked well. I also decreased the amount of brown sugar just a hair, as I was worried about the chicken being too sweet (I needn't have), but also because I was running low. Recipe
Chickpea Burgers 6/10 Not bad. Cheap, which is certainly an advantage. Unfortunately, requires a decent bit of prep time before cooking. It was ok, but the Oven Baked Chicken Breast is quicker and better, and the Honey Garlic Chicken, while taking an equivalent amount of time, is also better in my opinion. It's good if you're looking for a vegetarian meal though, and it's also very cheap. The chutney I used was quite chunky, which I don't think goes as well with this dish. Hitting a large chunk of mango in the middle of a chickpea burger was a surprise. I also used parsley instead of mint or coriander, and I did like it.
Peanut Butter Noodles 6/10 Okay. I would like it to include more protein, but I gotta admit it's a fantastic way to make something out of peanut buter and spaghetti, which is not normally a good combo. I used Spaghetti instead of Udon, and powdered ginger instead of the fresh stuff. Also, adding a protein like chicken would have been a good idea Recipe